Friday, July 20, 2018

Two books that focus on history, native cultures, the value of education, life on the city streets, and a boy's love of animals. Perfect for ages 13 to 18 and even better for students who don't like to read.

Why? Because the stories captivate and inspire readers. Take, for example, Darkness They Could Not See. It's historical fiction about Christopher Columbus's first voyage. A lively portrayal of the Admiral of the Oceans and the peaceful, welcoming TaĆ­nos (TIE-EE-nos). The author takes what happened and molds it into a David vs Goliath experience on the high seas and in the rainforests of Haiti. It's the first in the four book series about Christopher Columbus.

The Charter School General story takes place on the hardscrabble streets of South Philly. A charter school student rises from poverty and leads an army of zoo animals. It's inspirational, challenging, fun, and over the top creative. It's a can't put down read and discussion book for the entire family.

Charter School General and Darkness They Could  Not See.

Two books that deliver quality writing and storytelling.